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How to Be Saved According to the Bible

how to be saved according to the Bible

This is another very good question.  And as always, what matters is not what men say about this, but what God says about the issue.  So with that in mind, let us direct our attention to what the Scripture says. The first thing that must be established is that there is nothing we can do to […]

Early Church Worship: Why The Model is Important

early church worship

What did New Testament churches look like?  Did the apostles intend to “order” the worship, teaching, organization and practices of local churches?  If these are good questions, then we should look for the answers by gathering all the evidence we can from Scripture, and use common sense to make a judgment.  If God intended for […]

Biblical Hermeneutics: Reading the Bible With Common Sense

Biblical hermeneutics

There are a lot of people in the religious community today who like to throw a big word around called “hermeneutics.”  If you have never heard of this word before, don’t be alarmed; all it means is the method by which we decide which decisions are good and which decisions are bad.  In a religious […]

The Apostles in the New Testament: Who Were They?

apostles in the New Testament

We, as Christians, believe that God is, that He is truth, and that the Bible is His unerring Word. Part of that understanding is that Christ Jesus, while he was on the earth, chose men from among His disciples who would be special ambassadors for Him, and that they were the ones who would continue […]